Lifecycle of a Betari

From grades three to year nine, our chanichim are given a thorough education on Zionism, Jewish ideas and contemporary issues. Starting with the exploration of their Jewish, Zionist and Betari identities when they are younger, our chanichim at a comfortable pace develop and explore more of the advanced concepts in the Betar ideology and modern school of thought as they mature. In year 10, our chanichim go through an intensive Hadracha (leadership) training course, designed to develop their abilities to educate children, present complex ideas and information and behave as proper role models. Then, in Year 11, they become Madatsim, supervised leaders for the chanichim in younger year levels. After year 12, most of our chanichim go on shnat, a year long program in Israel facilitated by Betar Olami (world Betar). Betar Shnat includes a four month university style course focussing on Israeli culture, history and politics, Hebrew, Jewish studies, and advanced leadership techniques. Also, Betar shnat includes a three month volunteering course, a two month Israeli army course and seminars throughout the country. On completion of shnat, “shnatties” become Bogrim (graduates), fully equipped with the skills required to run the movement. The gradual transition from participant to leader in Betar ensures that a high calibre of education, morality and intellectual development is maintained in the movement. The youth movement atmosphere provides children and teenagers with vital experiences that they can find almost nowhere else. In Betar, chanichim will discover fun weekly meetings, a nurturing community of friends and mentors, along with the opportunity to adopt responsibilities in the Jewish community, which leaves one with a sense of worth, self confidence and ability. After one leaves Betar as a camper and as a leader, one is welcomed into the Betar Parents and Friends which is a body that supports Betar in all its activities. For more information about the Parents and Friends of Betar, find the relevant P’n’F in the menu above or below.   Some of the recent graduates of the Betar Hadracha (Leadership) Program
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