Meet the Roshim

Hi my name is YishaI Elaluf and I will be one of the Roshei Machane of the upcoming winter camp. I was born in the holy land and moved to Melbourne in 2007. From that moment onward I was a dedicated (and very misbehaved) Betari. Graduating in class of 2017 from McKinnon Secondary college (a public school) I learnt a lot of what it means to be a Jew outside the Jewish bubble. This has blessed me with a perspective of how Jews are generally perceived and what the importance of advocacy is. I look forward to seeing everyone before and during camp.

Hi, my name is Ella Shul and I’m the other Rosh Machane of this year’s winter camp!  I’ve been a part of Betar since grade 9 and have loved every moment since. It is a place that has given me life long friends and unforgettable experiences and I would love to share that with everyone who comes on our camp! I graduated from Moriah College in the class of 2015 and then ventured off to a year in Israel as a part of Betar’s Shnat program.

On behalf of both of us, we’re so excited to run and share camp with you all!