What is Senior Seminar?

Senior Seminar is an annual event run by Betar for the senior chanichim of the federal movement (grades 10-13). Chanichim from across Australia will gather in Sydney this year to participate in a weekend away, filled with engaging activities and the opportunity to learn, bond and have fun with other chanichim and leaders of the movement. Emphasis is placed on learning leadership skills (hadracha), developing a strong Jewish identity and connection to Israel, learning what Betar stands for, and creating new friendships.

A message from your Roshim

Shalom kulam!

It’s that time of year again… Betar Senior Seminar is around the corner! It is our mission to create an positive atmosphere that will facilitate enaging discussions and memorable experiences for chanichim and madrichim alike. Each tsevet will have the chance to bond and grow together over the course of the senior seminar weekend. Here’s a little bit of information about what’s in store for each of the year groups:

Chalutzim (year 10), Senior Sem is where you learn about hadracha (leadership) and begin the journey of becoming a madrich/a in Betar. You’ll have time to bond with your group and begin to develop an understanding of how to be the best leader you can be – a skill that’s not only valuable in Betar, but will help you become a capable and confident individual in the future.

Bnei Etzel (year 11), This seminar will assist you in building your knowledge of Israel, Judaism and Betar ideology. You’ll also have the opportunity to catch up with your friends and bond with your year level.

Shvei Zion (year 12). You’ll get your first insights into the Shnat program and learn how to begin the process of going on Shnat. You’ll become even closer with your shnat group and learn all about the adventures to come in 2020!

Mitkadmim (year 13). On this seminar you will begin to develop your skills as a bogger/et. It is a chance to learn about the behind the scenes of the movement and to catch up on some extra chinuch with your favourite madrichim.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us:

Alysha Mengem (Director of Education for Betar Australia) - 0415 618 799

Eli Libson (Director of Betar Australia) – 0407 148 860


Leaders (Madrichim)

Betar prides itself on Dugma Ishit (setting a personal example). Our leaders are quality role models who have strong Jewish and Zionistic beliefs. All senior leaders involved have a Working with Children’s Check, and all leaders have completed a Betar approved leadership course, with several leaders having graduated from Shnat, a year-long advanced leadership program held in Israel.

Betar is friendly to those with special needs. Please contact Alysha 0415 618 799 well ahead of camp so that we accommodate your child’s needs.

First Aid

There is a first aid officer on site at all times and a full First Aid kit available. If your child is taking any medication, or has any condition/allergy that we need to know about, you must include all details of the condition/s and the treatment/s on the medical form.