Below are the recommend flights for Brisbane and Melbourne participants travelling to Senior Seminar in Sydney. If you are booking different flights please advise us of the details via the sign up form. Please do not book flights that arrive in Sydney later or depart earlier than the recommended.

Please also note that Jetstar offers a 10% price beat on an eligible competitor’s price. Click Here


Brisbane to Sydney:
12th April JQ811 at 8.20am (arrive 9.55am) $96 @current w/o luggage

Sydney to Brisbane
14th April TT384 at 6.50pm (arrive 8.20pm) $87.95 @current w/o luggage


Melbourne to Sydney
12th April JQ524 at 8.55am (land 10.20am) $105 @current w/o luggage

Sydney to Melbourne
14th April JQ523 at 6.15pm (land 7.50) $133 @current w/o luggage