Recommended flights:

Here we have compiled a list of recommended flights to Brisbane for the seminar. We request that chanichim fly in to Brisbane early Friday morning, April 20th. Transport will be organised for your child from the Brisbane Domestic Airport to the campsite. If you would prefer for your child to take a different flight, please be advised that they will need to arrive at the meeting point in Brisbane (disclosed to you after registration) by 11am and we may not be able to organise transport from the airport. The flights listed below from Melbourne and Sydney will have madrichim on board to travel with the chanichim. Please advise Jake (0426 596 329) or Yonatan (0406 231 991) if your child will be flying to or from Brisbane on a flight other than the recommended one.

Sydney to Brisbane:
TT356 – Tiger Airways on Friday 20/4/18
Depart 8:45am
Price @ current: $86
(w/o luggage)

Brisbane to Sydney:
TT389 – Tiger Airways on Sunday 22/4/18
Depart 8:05pm
Price @ current: $86
(w/o luggage)

Alternative Brisbane to Sydney (can use the above Tiger flight Brisbane to Sydney with Jetstar Price Beat)
JQ819 – Jetstar
Depart: 8:40pm (20:40)
Price @ current: $105
(w/o luggage)

Note for Melbourne: Please be advised that the cheaper Tiger flights return from Melbourne may not have madrichim onboard. The flight lands in Brisbane an hour earlier on Friday and Departs Brisbane an hour later than the recommended Jetstar flight. If flying on the Tiger flight, your child will have to wait at Brisbane airport for 1 hour until the Jetstar flight arrives on Friday morning.

Melbourne to Brisbane:
JQ560 – Jetstar on Friday 20/4/18
Depart 8:20am
Price @ current: $90
(w/o luggage)

Brisbane to Melbourne:
JQ577 – Jetstar on Sunday 22/4/18
Depart 8:20pm
Price @ current: $99
(w/o luggage)


Alternative cheaper Tiger Flights (see note above)
Melbourne to Brisbane
TT514 – Tiger Airways
Depart 7:00 am (07:00)
Price @ current:$89
(w/o luggage)

Brisbane to Melbourne
TT514 –  Tiger Airways
Depart 9:15 pm (21:15)
Price @ current: $99
(w/o luggage)