What is Betar?

Betar is a Zionist Youth Movement that was established in 1923 by Ze’ev Jabotinsky. Among the many other Betar sniffim (branches) around the world, Betar Melbourne strives to provide high quality role models for children and strengthen the bonds of our Jewish community. Betar actively promotes the idea of Hadar (respect and pride) and Tagar (standing up for ones beliefs). Betar runs weekly meetings for children years 2-12 alongside seminars, camps and charity functions though our three sniffim in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Betar Summer Camp is a great opportunity for children from years 2-7 & 10 to connect with the Jewish community and make long life friendships. Our highly trained Madrichim (leaders) aim to teach about Israel’s rich culture and history through fun and engaging activities. At Machane Neshama Porachat, the chanichim (participants) will have a fun and challenging experience that will include informal education, deep discussions, extreme challenges and a whole lot more.

Message from Roshei Machane

Shalom ve’Tel Chai,

We’re so excited to be running Machane Neshama Porachat for you this summer! It’s going to be an incredible time!

Our dedicated madrichim (leaders) are working hard preparing for camp this year to give our chanichim (participants) a truly amazing experience. All of our madrichim go through extensive training and are ACF (Australian Childhood Foundation) trained to ensure the best quality of care. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Jonathan Sher – Rosh Machane (Camp Director)

Beck Libson – Katzin Toran (Deputy Camp Director)