Leaders (Madrichim)

Betar prides itself on ‘dugma ishit’ (setting a personal example). Our leadership body are good role models and are responsible members of society. All senior leaders have Working With Children’s Checks and have participated in Betar’s approved leadership course. Additionally, many senior leaders have graduated from Betar Australia’s Shnat program, which is a year long leadership course in Israel.

Betar promotes an inclusive and supportive environment for all participants.
If your child has special needs or any specific requirements that we should be aware of please don’t hesitate to contact us via mobile.

Jonathan: 0481 183 565

Beck: 0474 148 870


Security & First aid

The safety and security of chanichim on camp is of the highest priority. There will be a professional security guard onsite for the duration of the camp. Above this, madrichim will be familiar with all emergency procedures, will be equipped with two-way radios and will be employing a personal system of guard duty from bed-time to wake-up time. This ensures that any matters of welfare and emotional well-being that need to be addressed during the night are well handled by at least two madrichim.

There is a first aid officer on site at all times as well as several madrichim who are qualified with first aid certificates and a full First Aid Kit available. If your child is taking any medication, or has any condition/allergy that we need to know about, you must include ALL details of the condition(s) and/or treatment(s) on the medical form. In the unlikely event of an emergency, a hospital, medical practice and police station are located nearby.


Betar operates a tuckshop at certain times during camp, and sells kosher lollies, chocolate and drinks. If you would like, please bring some money if you would like to buy during camp. If your child would like a Chultzah, please give them $35 to give to one of the madrichim during tuckshop to get their Chultzah. Don’t forget to tick the box when you register saying you would like a Chultzah!

What to Bring

Don’t Forget

      • Sleeping bag
      • Pillow, pillowcase and fitted sheet
      • Summer Pyjamas
      • Hat(compulsory)
      • Clothes for 5 days (underwear, socks, pants, shorts, t-shirts)
      • Betar gimmicks/clothing
      • Jeans/trousers (at least one pair is essential)
      • At least 1 Jumper
      • Flip flops
      • Clothes to get dirty/messy in
      • Spare white T Shirt
      • Kippah (boys)
      • Betar Chultzah (if you don’t have one they will be available for purchase on Summer Camp for $35)
      • Toiletries
      • Towel/s
      • Runners and closed shoes
      • Insect repellent and sun cream
      • Torch
      • Plastic bag for laundry
      • Camera (optional)
      • Medication (if needed)

Any medication that your child requires must be clearly labelled with storage and dosage instructions and handed to Jonothan Sher or Beck Libson at the start of camp. This medication will be dispensed, when required, by the medical officer.

What not to Bring

  • Nuts or any products containing nuts are banned under Australian law, from all camps in Australia. Please ensure to check all food products before packing!
  • Non-Kosher food or lollies. Betar camps are kosher, and aim to provide a kosher environment for all chanichim. Non-kosher food will be confiscated.
  • Energy drinks such as V and Red Bull and chewing gum are not to be brought to or consumed during camp at all.
  • Any person found in possession of the following may be asked to leave the campsite at their own expense with no refund: stink bombs, smoke bombs, cigarettes, alcohol, knives or weapons of any kind and illicit substances.
  • The use of mobile phones, MP3 players and other electronic devices will not be permitted during Camp. Betar does not take responsibility for any loss or damage of personal items.