To begin talking about Betar, one must start with the beginning of Betar. Betar was founded by Ze’ev Jabotinsky. Ze’ev Jabotinsky was a true man of the world. He was born in Russia, studied in Italy and Switzerland but like a few other Jews of the early twentieth century, he had his eyes set on one location: Israel. Jabotinsky saw the solution to the issues that beset the Jewish people of his time as recovering our biblical national identity: recapturing the pride of our Jewish ancestors of scholars and kings, relearning our ancient tongue (Hebrew) and regaining our voice as a people; for “silence is mud”. Jewish self-defence was at the epicentre of Jabotinsky’s socio-political philosophy, both as a physical imperative and as a wellspring of pride and self-confidence. The people of Israel should “serve as a living example of ideas and ideals” hence “contribute to civilization”. It can be said this mission cannot be completed with a scattered nation. Thus, Betar’s highest value is Zionism. This is the one fundamental idea which distinguishes Betar from all other Zionist Youth movements. The latter have the characteristic tendency to “co-ordinate” two or even three ideals. The stand of Betar is “Had-Ness” (One Banner). Betar places Zionism above all other principles. To achieve our goal of strengthening Israel, Betar Australia creates a comfortable accepting atmosphere where we openly discuss Israel and the Betar Ideology. Israel programs are encouraged as is Aliyah. Once in Israel, Betarim are encouraged to do whatever “the nation needs in order to better… build” and sustain Israel. This can be interpreted many ways. This leads one to one of the many advantages of the Betar Ideology. It was written by one of the leading literary minds of the early twentieth century, Jabotinsky. Ze’ev Jabotinsky was fluent in half a dozen languages and had written prolific poetry, novels and short stories. So, it should be known that he took particular care when writing the Betar Ideology in how it shall be interpreted in years to come. Though Betar’s ideology was written well before the Jewish State was established, it still manages to effectively guide Betar in its perspective and relationship with Israel today. This is particularly visible in that the current Prime Minister (Benjamin Netanyahu) and the Opposition (Tzipi Livni) are both ex-Betarim.   Betarim participating in a peula (activity) in which they re-enact the journey of the first chalutzim (pioneers) to Israel
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