How to sign up to Shnat?

Please contact our Shnat Rakaz here before proceeding, we’re here to help!

There are a few important steps to follow to sign up to our gap year program. We recommend you first contact our current Shnat Rakaz (Coordinator of Shnat and Israel programs), details here.

Sign up with the AZYC

The AZYC (Australasian Zionist Youth Council) helps us facilitate our shnat program in Israel. Participants on our program will engage in incredible activities with other zionist youth movements from all over Australia.

Register with MASA

MASA provides assistance for participants who may struggle to finance an Israel gap year program. Whether you need financial assistance or not, it’s important to register with them as they will provide access to unique events and activities throughout our program.

Plan Your Flight

FBI Travel organises flights for all AZYC affiliated shnat programs. Booking with FBI ensures you won’t have any issues when arriving and departing from Betar’s shnat program.