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Betar Australia is run by a team of dedicated youth volunteers. If you have any questions, get in touch! We’d love to help.

Federal Contacts

Rosh Hahnagah Artzi

Federal Director of Betar Australia Inc.

Ariel Berger

Rosh Chinuch Artzi

Federal Director of Education and Leadership (Hadracha)

Ziggy Enoch

Gizbar Artzi

Federal Treasurer/Secretary

Millie Noden

Rakaz Shnat

Coordinator of Shnat and Israel programs

Natasha Mizan

Local Contacts

Mefaked Betar Queensland

Director of Betar Queensland

Hannah Mendels

Mefakedet Betar New South Wales

Director of Betar New South Wales

Sam Gray

Mefakedet Betar Melbourne

Director of Betar Melbourne

Mika Dyskin