Machane Zuzu Flier

Shalom le’kulam

Welcome to Machane Zuzu! We are this year’s Roshim, Alysha Mengem and Sharni Briner.

We are so excited to be running this camp for all of you as it’s been a dream of ours ever since we were chanichim.

Zuzu translates to ‘move’ which means it will be a bustling camp filled with everything from Machnayim ( our favourite camp sport) to dancing and even moving our hands from the tuckshop snacks to our mouth.

Of course there will also be plenty crazy traditions and stimulating peulot (activities) to enjoy, that will be ran by our passionate and fun loving madrichim (leaders).
Betar Queensland is all about bringing the Jewish youth together. We have chanachim coming from all corners of this state, and camp is an amazing chance for everyone to get to know each other and create life long memories.

Join all your friends, (and meet some new ones!) and catch up with our amazing madrachim from Queensland and even some from interstate!
We can’t wait to see all your faces!

Shalom Ve’Tel Chai.

From your Roshim of camp,
Alysha Mengem and Sharni Briner.

Machane Chagiga Letter