Senior Seminar Refund Policy

In light of COVID-19 uncertainties, Betar Australia will continue to operate under the confinements of Australian or Queensland legislation/policies regarding health & safety protocols. As such, it is necessary that all parent/guardians of seminar participants are aware of the following refund policies, which apply, before or during the seminar:

  • Betar Australia is unable to issue any refunds to parents/guardians who may have lost funds due to flight cancellations. This will apply under every circumstance including if: border restrictions prohibit the travel in or out of the state of Queensland, or if restrictions disallow the seminar to run due to the number of attendees. Flight companies issue refunds or vouchers if COVID restrictions change.
  • Betar Australia will issue a 50% refund on seminar fees if COVID-19 restrictions cause the cancellation of the seminar. A full refund cannot be issued as in the process of preparation for a seminar, Betar Australia incurs non refundable expenses. The expenses are paid based on the assumption of your child’s attendance.
  • In the circumstance where COVID-19 forbids the running of the seminar, it will be Betar Australia’s goal to refund as many funds as possible (with exception to funds already spent on non-refundable expenses).
  • The Australian Consumer Law (ACL) protects consumers by giving them certain guaranteed rights when they buy goods and services. These policies in no way aim to restrict or reduce any guardians rights under Australian legislation.

Betar Australia is a non-profit generating organisation and for that reason these policies are in place. We request the cooperation and understanding of all guardians, as all of Betar Australia’s activities are conducted for the benefit of our participants.

For any concerns regarding these policies, please contact Millie Noden (Federal treasurer) on

Thank you.